Acute Care

We are committed to providing our patients with availability of same day appointments for acute medical issues.  We want to be your medical home providing care both when you are acutely sick or injured, and for your routine physicals and medical needs.  We offer these services to both our existing, and new patients, provided we are contracted with your insurance.

We commonly treat lacerations, fractures, concussions, sports injuries, acute respiratory illnesses, IV fluids for dehydration, etc.  We have access to immediate xrays and labs.  We are in close contact with surrounding hospitals, emergency rooms, local medics, and specialist offices, when we feel a patient needs transfer or consultation and cannot be safely managed at our clinic.

We ask anyone who feels they may be experiencing symptoms of a life-threatening problem such as heart attack, stroke, or severe abdominal pain or respiratory difficulty to call 911 and access the emergency responders who are trained to triage your symptoms.

We encourage routine planned visits be scheduled during daytime, weekday hours, and have evening and weekend hours available for unplanned and acute medical issues.  We hope for and ask for understanding when we are running behind due to the urgent need to care for another patient.