Preventative Care

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As Family Medicine providers, we believe in working towards a healthy lifestyle to prevent illness and disease before it occurs.  Maintaining your routine physicals with your provider is a way for us to partner with you to ensure all recommended screening tests and opportunities for lifestyle changes are addressed.  See recommended frequency of visits and recommended screening tests below.

Recommended Frequency of Well Child Checks/Physicals and Screening Tests

Babies Birth to 2 years Well Child Check 2 wks, 2, 4, 6, 9 12 and 18 months
Children 2 – 6 yrs Well child Check Every year
Children 6 – 18 yrs Well child Check Every 2 years
Adults 18 – 40 yrs Physicals Every 2 years
Adults 40-65 yrs Physicals Every Year
Women 21-65yrs Cervical Cancer screening/Pap smear Every 1-3 years
Women 40-65 yrs Mammograms Every 1-2 yrs
Men 50-65yrs Prostate Cancer screen discussion Every year
All Adults 21 and older Blood pressure Every 2 years
All Adults 35 and older Cholesterol Every 5 years
All adults 50-65 yrs Colon Cancer screening Every 1 – 10 yrs
All Adults 50 and older Osteoporosis screen Varies based on risk
All adults 21 and older Tetanus Every 10 yrs
All adults 60 and older Shingles vaccine Once
All adults 65 and older Pneumonia vaccine Once
Smokers 55 and older Aneurysm screening Once
Overweight All ages Diabetes screening Every 1-2 yrs

Updated: 1/2011